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Yes! Over 70% of marketers today agree that email marketing is core to their business operation and most marketers claim that an email is a critical tool for ongoing sales and new client acquisition.  Another 20% of online marketers also say that their businesses primary revenue source is directly linked to email operations and growing.

Sending bulk email for acquiring new clients is a strong and effective marketing strategy. For businesses that are reluctant to even try bulk email marketing you might benefit from this read. Most first-time email marketers do achieve success within the first 30 days and ongoing email campaigns only build bigger and more relevant with each campaign sent. Email List Marketing Works For Big Brands, It Drives Traffic And Revenue Email marketing does require some additional learning like any new software. Excellent email marketing takes some practice and just be to properly check your ad copy for spelling and grammar, formatting, and other errors. Always split test trying out a few different ads and subject headers then run with your best performer. Many make the mistake to blast out one ad to 100 percent of the list, break it up a bit and think more about longevity. learn more...

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OfficialEmailMarketing.com was founded in March 2010 and we have grown into one of the premier online companies for email marketing services with high quality lists at affordable prices. This allows us to keep long-term clients and maintain a positive relationship with every customer that purchases and uses our services. Email marketing is the only type of marketing that allows you to keep your marketing tools and build growing database of customers. This adds tremendous value to your marketing capabilities and your company. With official you can not only purchase your email lists you can also send them out using our web-based bulk email software.

Email marketing is one of the most cost effective ways to send your corporate message out to potential customers online. A good quality targeted email list can allow you to pinpoint only specific consumers that have an active interest in your product or service. Even if you need to invest in specialized bulk email software to support your efforts, you'll still be saving large amounts of marketing dollars compared to the cost of advertising through traditional media. Only email marketing lets you keep your marketing tools, and build stronger databases and email lists as you develop your corporate brand. learn more...


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