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There is no additional fees or charges, list orders are a one time purchase and you own the list. All taxes and fees are included and you will not be billed again for this service.

The Health Email Lists & Nutrition Email Lists: will prove results for anyone looking to promote to this type of Nutrition and Health market.

new email data This is a highly targeted database that will provide results for anyone looking to promote products or services into the Health and Nutrition consumer market. This data is 100% opt in and actively updated. All data is verified and deliverable, and complete with full records. We use advanced verification methods to ensure the data we provide you is the best quality data available. The lists are yours to keep and each time you order a list with Official it will be new, fresh data.

INCLUDED; Full Records Excel .CSV format Email Address, First Name, Last Name, Address, City, State, Zip, Phone Number, Website Source Collected, IP Address & Date and Time.

US State Email Addresses

There is no additional fees or charges, list orders are a one time purchase and you own the list.

Consumers that have expressed a large interest in physical activity, health, and nutrition. These individuals have purchased related products and books or literature on these topics. This category has always proven highly successful for any marketer that has category related products or services.

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Health & Nutrition

The Health Email Lists & Nutrition email list category is an excellent way to pinpoint a targeted demographic and get only what you need! All lists are yours to keep and are delivered to your email address for download. If you require any support with managing the data or sending the emails we will be their to assist you.

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